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First off, I'm not a web developer so please excuse the mess.

That said, if you want to shop my catty and would like to keep up with NY fashion color trends I'll be basing most of the clothing (and some furniture items) on the current colors for each new season.

If you're looking for a specific color just click it on the Pantone bar above and it will take you to my catty items with that color tag. We all know IMVU's search feature leaves something to be desired but this is what we have.

This method for my creating just started Mid-March, 2021 so anything in my catty prior to that date could show up in searches if keywords match any of the current season's color names.

My hair colors tend to follow seasonal trends as well. The majority of hair in my catty will be under 1,000 kbs.

Thanks for shopping and always feel free to contact me with any requests for different sizes or colors in existing products!






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